SolaCoin is a crypto currency which is connected to a SolaCoin NFT through the artist's smart contract on the blockchain. If you own SolaCoin you also own a SolaCoin NFT. There is only one SolaCoin which can be fragmented into 1,000,000 pieces. Therefore as many as 1,000,000 people can own the SolaCoin NFT.  SolaCoin will be distributed over four years by the artist, Joe Sola.  The SolaCoin NFT is sustained by a solar powered IPFS node at Honor Fraser Gallery. 

Over the course of its four year distribution, three quarters of SolaCoin will be sold to art collectors in large amounts and one quarter will be given away in small amounts.  SolaCoin gifted or sold by the artist will come with enough BNB (Binance Smart Chain) currency to enable the recipients to trade SolaCoin as they see fit. 


How to get free SolaCoin + NFT

1. open a crypto wallet with Metamask  

2.  contact Joe Sola with your public crypto address: use chat window or email

Trading + Sending

SolaCoin and the SolaCoin NFT are connected.

If you send/sell either one of them, you will also be sending/selling the other. If you send/sell all of your SolaCoin, you will lose your SolaCoin NFT. If you send/sell your SolaCoin NFT you will also lose all of your SolaCoin.


Joe Sola is an internationally exhibiting artist working in a variety of media.

His work is in public and private collections around the world.​