SolaCoin is the invention of two currencies; one fungible, one non-fungible, that are connected by a smart contract. SolaCoin is both a NFT (non-fungible token) and a unique cryptocurrency COIN.  Over the next four years fractions of the single NFT and Coin will be distributed by the artist. The NFT is sustained by a solar powered IPFS node at Honor Fraser Gallery. 

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How to get free SolaCoin

1. open a crypto wallet with Metamask  

2.  contact Joe Sola with your public crypto address: use chat window or email

Trading + Sending

The NFT and COIN are connected.

If you send/sell all of your COIN, you will lose your NFT. If you send/sell your NFT you will also lose all of your COIN. You can send/sell fractions of the COIN and retain your NFT.


Joe Sola is an internationally exhibiting artist working in a variety of media.

His work is in public and private collections around the world.​