SolaCoin is an artwork which is both a NFT and a COIN. They are connected. When you receive the COIN you will also receive the NFT through the artist's smart contract on the blockchain. SolaCoin will be distributed over four years by the artist. The NFT is sustained by a solar powered IPFS node at Honor Fraser Gallery. 

New coin_sept 1 (for web).tif




How to get free SolaCoin

1. open a crypto wallet with Metamask  

2.  contact Joe Sola with your public crypto address: use chat window or email

Trading + Sending

The NFT and COIN are connected.

If you send/sell all of your COIN, you will lose your NFT. If you send/sell your NFT you will also lose all of your COIN. You can send/sell fractions of the COIN and retain your NFT.


Joe Sola is an internationally exhibiting artist working in a variety of media.

His work is in public and private collections around the world.​